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Architectural Steel

Kelly Steel Engineering LLC has the ability to effectively combine the fields of architecture and engineering through the experience and expertise of our Engineers. The often complex nature of architectural steel is well understood at Kelly Steel and our Engineers have the ability to complete these complex projects on time and to the highest standards while incorporating the artistic qualities associated with architecture.

The work done by Kelly Steel with architectural metalwork includes the manufacture, supply, delivery and installation of mild and stainless steel products such as balustrades and handrails as well as cladding and trench covers.

Our sophisticated 3D modelling techniques involving CAD and Tekla effectively convert what the Architects and Engineers envisage into buildable pieces and connectors. Once modelled our Production Engineers have the ability to create architectural pieces of great complexity in short periods of time with exceptional quality. Creating artistic architectural features is a passion that is shared by all employees within Kelly Steel Engineering LLC and this passion ensures that all our architectural steel projects are completed with the greatest care and to the highest quality standards.


PHONE:+971 7 2432577