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Blasting, Cleaning and Corrosion Protection

At Kelly Steel Engineering LLC, high specification blasting, cleaning and corrosion protection is applied to all our steel. Our blasting machines are operated by highly trained and skilled technicians and are routinely inspected and tested to ensure they are performing at the highest level.

We have the ability to blast, clean and apply corrosion protection in a quick and effective manner which helps to keep our projects on schedule. All shot blasting is carried out by a fully automated blasting machine which has a feed capacity of 1.5 metres x 0.6 metres as well as air blow shot system, recovery system and dust collection.

All types of Alkyd and Epoxy paint systems can be applied in our spray shop and we implement surface protection systems in accordance with project specifications and paint manufacturer's recommendations. Our paint facilities incorporate epoxy based systems, epoxy with polyurethane top coat, high build epoxy with MIO and grit blasting which is carried out prior to painting. All grit blasting is carried out in accordance with SA 2.5. We also undertake in-house fire protection and intumescent painting.


PHONE:+971 7 2432577