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Project Management

Our Project Managers work closely with clients to ensure projects are run to an agreed program and to the highest standards. The smooth running of projects and effective incorporation of any evolving changes by our Project Managers is of vital importance. At Kelly Steel we have all the key personnel to ensure that all projects are delivered with the highest quality, on time and to budget.

The reputation of Kelly Steel for collaboration and teamwork stems from our ‘can do’ attitude, enabling us to build productive and enduring relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers alike. Effective communication by Project Managers is key to our success. All project managers communicate extensively with clients to build crucial working relationships and ensure the satisfaction of our clients during projects. Our Project Managers are on hand at all times to discuss any aspect of a project with clients.

As well as communicating with clients the Project Managers at Kelly Steel recognise the importance of constant communication with their teams. Through constant progress updates Project Managers take direct and continuous control of projects and any potential issues that arise are dealt with in a swift and professional manner.


PHONE:+971 7 2432577