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Handling Capabilities


Cutting, Rolling &
Arc Writing


Blasting, Cleaning &
Corrosion Protection


At Kelly Steel Engineering LLC our handling capabilities are streamlined for efficiency. We understand the need for quality handling equipment and processes in order to ensure we keep on schedule with all of our projects.


Our cutting and rolling equipment incorporates the most modern technology and enables us to perform an extensive range of cutting, bending and rolling jobs. We have the capability to cut and roll all types and sizes of plates which gives us an advantage in all projects.


At Kelly Steel Engineering LLC, high specification blasting, cleaning and corrosion protection is applied to all our steel. Our blasting machines are operated by highly trained and skilled technicians and are routinely inspected and tested to ensure they are performing at the highest level.




Pipe Work &


Sawing &


At Kelly Steel Engineering LLC welding is carried out to the highest quality standards. All welders are fully trained and performance is constantly monitored both on-site and in our workshop to ensure the quality of all welds. Our welders are qualified by Third Party Inspection Agencies.


Kelly Steel Engineering LLC is at the forefront of the steel manufacturing industry when it comes to pipe work. All types of pipe work can be carried out using ultramodern equipment in our factory.


In-house we have expert sawing and drilling capabilities. Our Kaltenbach sawing and drilling line, comprising APS 1003 3 spindle drill head, KBS 1001 DGNC band saw, Kaltenbach control console and panels, 21m powered in feed conveyor with positioning system and 7m x 5m chain driven traverse conveyors.